Measuring Social (94-823)

A lot of folks have asked me when I am going to list some of my thoughts in a blog format. I guess you could say I am a “late adopter” on this one. What finally got me motivated was the course I am teaching at Carnegie Mellon on Measuring the Social Space

Having worked with a number of companies on social media research and initiatives, it became very clear that there was a need to push social  forward but no clear path on how to justify expenditures especially how to measure and understand the value derived. So, my hypothesis was that companies and organizations would be interested in working with a multi-disciplinary team of students that could help shed some light on the space, develop views on how other complimentary firms are using these technologies and provide an assessment on how to evaluate initiative. The other question was whether social media can be taught. Surprisingly, we were right on both counts. Several companies both new to social media and others who are “knee deep” and working with us to gain a better grasp on the implications of social media for their business and what they should be putting in place to evaluate their progress. In addition, social media can be taught but its more of an experiential mode of education. Since this is a relatively new space and their are no comprehensive textbooks (e.g. Organic Chemistry) we are learning through cases that have been provided to us by our case study sponsors. To compliment that, we are analyzing tools, case studies and bringing in companies and individuals who are experts in assessing and understanding issues around social media data

We are not developing the next generation social media strategist, rather we are developing business leaders and information managers who are grounded in the application and analysis of social media activities.

Here is some of the companies we have worked with over the past few classes:

  • Verizon Wireless
  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • Adidas
  • eBay
  • SAP
  • Progressive
  • Oxygen Media
  • Comcast
  • Zynga
  • RIM
  • Warner Bros.

and the list keeps growing ever year.  If you like what you read hear, please feel free to drop me an Email

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